What types of sites are accepted?

We accept almost any type of website! But your website must comply with our terms.

Minimum number of my web site visitors have?

We do not have minimum requirements. Whether your website receives 300 visitors a day, you can register and start using our system instantly without any delay.

Our minimum payout threshold is how much?

We have a minimum payment threshold is $20 and billing is handled automatically.

When will I get paid?

Our payment cycle is a 30 days payment cycle. i.e, eg. the payment for the current month will be paid 30 days later, eg. earnings made august publishers will be paid in october. We also paid Weekly but it will charge 10% of your payment amount.

What are my payment method?

Currently we offer Bank Payments Only for Indian Publishers and for outside India PayPal , Skrill , Payoneer, Webmoney as a payment method. Please contact us if you want to take payments by another menthods.

What's the average delay of AdKnock statistics?

Statistics are updated live but proper Reports may be updated till midnight. That means proper report takes 24hours to be updated.

What type of ads are available?

We provide all type of ads like: Banner, Popup, Popunder, Text Ads etc.

What is your revenue model for publishers?

Our goal at AdKnock is simple: display only the most relevant high paying advertisements for maximum revenue each time your page is viewed. For every 1000 advertising impressions, we pay your our industry leading eCPM rate. However, earnings are calculated by variables including, but not limited to, user geographic location, device category, website category, ad unit and an individualized performance metric set by the advertiser.